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We aim to provide further knowledge to Nurses, Mid-levels, Medical Asistants, billing staff, and other ancillary staff to make sure they understand the processes and techniques required when dealing with patients who have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other auto immune disorders.

Financial Management
We try our best to make sure that all services necessary to Rheumatology are covered most effectively by the Insurance Companies which we deal with.

Activities and Support
Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire Rheumatology Association is presently looking to engage in two types of projects that will ultimately benefit patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Production of patient education materials.

Recent activity includes cooperation with Global Healthy Living Foundation and its rheumatoid arthritis patient advocacy organization called 'Creaky Joints' to produce a video for YouTube. This video addresses the issue of the important role played by nurses in management of patient treatment and overall care.





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